Spinning Q&A Summer Workshop

A series of improvement workshops will be offered in Deschambault this summer! A group of spinners will be installed at the Moulin de la Chevrotière, in the park near the beautiful rue Chavigny or, in case of bad weather, inside Les Ateliers du Moulin.
Each participating spinner will be able to ask me any question and I will provide an extended and thorough answer with a demo where possible. Thus, during these three hours each participant will be able to assist to a few mini-presentations allowing for a better understanding of wool preparation and spinning related techniques. The subjects covered are but not limited to: washing wool, carding, combing, various spinning and plying techniques, color work, finishing yarn, calculating for a project, etc.). You will have access to a mini-shop offering wool for spinning, drive band cord and some small tools (threading hooks, carders, combs).
To participate, one should:
- have taken a course with Métier doré, at the Vieux Presbytère or privately, OR to know how to spin sheep's wool (be able to make a real skein of wool from A to Z);
- bring your own spinning wheel and all the tools necessary according to one's interest (no loan of a spinning wheel or small tools will be possible).
This workshop will be offered on Saturdays, August 24 and September 7, 2024 from 9 am to 12 pm. Maximum eight participants per workshop.
If you come with a family, they can have fun at Deschambault Public Market while waiting for you. You can then have a delicious lunch in Deschambault village and benefit from your freshly acquired CPDG membership card to visit local museums and exhibitions in the afternoon.
For more details and to register for a summer Q&A Spinning Workshop, please contact Culture et Patrimoine Deschambault-Grondines, a local non-profit organization that takes care of the Arts & Crafts School Les Ateliers du Moulin, this workshop series being part of it.