Antique Spinning Wheel Restauration and Trade-In

Métier Doré works in close collaboration with a local artisan to make antique spinning wheels fully functional and perfectly beautiful.

If you are one of the following:
- take a spinning class and own a spinning wheel that you wish to have restored or repaired;
- want to have your spinning wheel restored or repaired without taking a spinning class;
- own a spinning wheel that needs a little love and you would like to exchange it for a fully functional spinning wheel;
- own an antique or a vintage spinning wheel and wish to sell it in order to give it a new life as a spinning machine,

we can provide you the finest know-how and rare-to-find service you are looking for! Tell us what you need and you will receive an estimate free of charge prior to starting a job. Contact Métier doré via contact page, by email at or by phone +1 418 717-2573.