Additional Bobbins Manufacturing and Bobbin & Flyer Repair

When you buy a modern spinning wheel these days, there are usually four bobbins that come with it. During spinning, one fills two bobbins with a one-ply yarn and eventually two other bobbins with a two-ply yarn without having to stop his or her work to empty a bobbin. Yet, owners of functional antique spinning wheels rarely own more than one bobbin. It is not absolutely necessary for successful work to have four bobbins on hand. However, this facilitates and optimizes the efforts of a spinner.

With Métier doré, you can have extra bobbins made for your antique spinning wheel! This service is offered in close collaboration with a local artisan.
If you have a broken bobbin, a broken flyer or need to replace broken or to add missing crochets onto your flyer, it is possible, too! However, if the whole bobbin-flyer mechanism is missing, including a metal shaft with orifice, no service can be offered in this case.
For further details, please contact  Métier doré via contact page, by email at or by phone +1 418 717-2573.