Drive Band for Antique or Modern Spinning Wheel: Purchase and Installation

Métier doré manufactures and sells drive band cords carefully prepared for you in Portneuf following our time-proven wool&cotton formula. A combination of wool and cotton allows for nice elasticity along with reliable durability, thus exceeding the qualities of all-cotton, all-hemp and modern silicon drive-bands all together. 
You can purchase your drive-band cord here. It is offered in five different thicknesses, measured in WPI (Wraps Per Inch): 6 WPI, 7 WPI, 8 WPI, 9 WPI and 10 WPI, the 6 being the thickest and the 10 the thinnest.
A Standard 8 WPI drive-band cord on the listing fits most antique spinning wheels manufactured in Quebec. However, some of Quebec wheels require 7 WPI or even thicker, 6 WPI drive-band cords.
The opposite if true for modern spinning wheels. Thus, for an Ashford Traditional or Traveller Wheel, a 9 WPI is a better fit. For a Schacht Matchless, I choose a 10 WPI drive-band which is the thinnest one available.
To find the best fit for your wheel, antique or modern, please take care to measure the WPI with any other cord that fits best the shheaves of your wheel. 
To install a drive-band cord onto your wheel, which basically means to take a correct measure and to splice the cord, you can follow the tutorial here. However, if you find it difficult to install a drive-band yourself, we will be more than happy to do this for you, provided that you can bring your spinning wheel to our atelier in Portneuf, Quebec. For more information or to take a splicing appointment for your wheel, please contact us via contact page, by email at or by phone +1 418 717-2573.