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Wool Combs BAM Fiber Works
Wool Combs BAM Fiber Works
Wool Combs BAM Fiber Works

Wool Combs BAM Fiber Works

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These are regular size double row fine combs with a perfect balance between size and weight. They are the most universal type suiting the majority of projets. The working area of this comb is 3¼" wide, the tines are 4" long set approximately ¼" apart. The wooden handle is approximately 6" long. The special variety of stainless steel ensures smooth combing experience. The tines are sharp but not too sharp to ensure safety while working. These combs come with magnetic protective caps easy to install and use.

Handcrafted in the USA from cherry and hand finished with Danish oil.

Come in two options:

A. without holder (included: 2 combs, 2 magnetic comb caps): an absolute minimum for combing!

B. with holder (2 combs, 2 magnetic comb caps, 1 comb holder, 2 clamps): fixing one comb to a holder allows to comb and diz more easily by freeing one of your hands from holding this comb.

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